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Bee Swarm Collection Our members provide a swarm collection service voluntarily and may have to fit collections around their day jobs. We may not be able to collect some swarms as this depends on their location, roofs, high up in trees and other inaccessible areas for example. There is no charge for this service for this year, however, you may wish to make a donation to Cirencester and District Beekeepers, for this we would be extremely grateful. Please visit https://bbka.org.uk/swarm to find a swarm collector near you.
We are a local group of Beekeepers ranging from the highly experienced through to novices and our apiary is based at the Rural Innovation Centre at Harnhill. As one in three mouthfuls of the food we eat is dependent on pollination at a time when a crisis is threatening the world’s honeybees, it’s appropriate that the main focus of our activities is the welfare of the Honeybee. It’s a local and a world challenge. Come and meet a group of people who are passionate about bees and beekeeping, people who impart their knowledge generously. Collectively offering the most complete beekeeping education anyone could possibly wish for.